Temporary Safety Precautions:

  • We will shoot the home AS-IS. That means we will NOT touch or adjust personal belongings. (No turning on lights, etc.) In the past, our photographers might have moved an object for better composition. We cannot do that without a greater risk of contamination. It will be your responsibility to make sure the home has all the lights on, fans off and blinds open.
  • Vacate the home while we shoot. This is a no seller on site policy. Once we arrive onsite, please have the sellers take a walk, run an errand, go to the park but the goal is for the property to be 100% shoot ready and empty for us to get to work.
  • Our photographers have been instructed to leave if these conditions are not met. You will be charged a cancellation fee. We simply cannot afford to be lax on safety issues.
  • For a complete list of requirements please see our website at: If you need help making sure that your clients have the home de-cluttered and ready please send them this home prep guide. If your sellers follow it, the home will be in great shape for photos.